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Unless specifically stated to the contrary and agreed in writing by both parties, conditions for written pieces submitted for publication are as follows:

1) Invoice sent upon submission

2) Payment within 30 days of submission unless timely notice is given that the material is deemed to be in some way unsatisfactory

3) Payment grants one use, first local serial rights only

4) License to use material is non-exclusive

5) Copyright is retained by the author

6) Separate fees and charges for images, syndication, apps and internet usage (in whole or part) by separate and specific agreement

7) One paper copy/final PDF to be sent to the author

8) Kill fee is 100% of commissioned fee

9) Reasonable expenses to be agreed

10) Any balances not settled within the statutory 30-day period are liable to interest charged at 8% above base rate under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 (amended March 2013), plus a fixed fee for administration costs.

Last updated 7 May 2023

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